Let's take a chance....

Portal 108 was born from a dream for a better life.
We all dream of a tree or sea change whilst at our office desks or stuck in traffic on our way to work. Surely life is just meant to be better than this.
Then we wonder about taking a risk, throwing caution to the wind, just getting up and having the kahunas to walk away from it all.
In September 2004, we planted our seed, and ventured to Central Victoria to see where we could settle, with the hope to turn that seed into a giant beautiful Pin Oak tree that would be alive for decades to come.
Our journey brought us to Hepburn Springs, also known as Spa Country, located in the beautiful, lush Central Highlands of Victoria.
We fell in love with the beautiful surrounds of the Wombat State Forest, were beguiled by the beauty of the historic buildings, and couldn’t believe our luck with it's proximity to Melbourne. Close, but still far enough way to seduce us into a weekday visit of culture and Gelati!
At that stage, we had no idea it was known as the Gay capital of Victoria and hosted the annual Chillout Festival every Labor day weekend in March.
Once we finally sold our house in the Blue Mountains, Portal 108 was officially OPEN for business.

New beginnings

We started off selling jewellery in our front yard on weekends and at the local markets.
Then winter kicked in and we were forced inside by the bitter cold, so we set up camp by the fire in the original lounge room.
The first piece of advice we were ever given was to buy stock that we absoloutely hated, and it would sell like hotcakes.
Well, needless to say, we did the complete opposite.
Everything we sell is something we have hand selected because we love it ourselves.
We have now been trading for 8 glorious years and it was the best decision we ever made.
Every day we thank the universe for bringing us to this beautiful part of Australia.

We are...

...Connie & Kyla, two women that took a chance on a dream, and now we live that better life, the one dreams are made of. 
This is OUR business, OUR livelihood. NO-ONE else is responsible for any decision making, just US. 
We want YOU to experience OUR passion for OUR business and in return we promise that YOUR experience will leave YOU feeling the effects of OUR joy to live this life. 
Thanks for stopping by
Connie & Kyla
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