Hey you,  I'm Connie, owner of Portal 108.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out our online store.

We are located in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, just an hour outside of Melbourne and have been established for 15 years.  Our team is small, I'm talking SUPER SMALL.  Actually, it's just Yenni, Customer Service Legend and myself.  And my Great Pyrenees, Stevie who tries to pack orders but ends up making them a bit fluffy. #blessher

We believe in not taking life too seriously and love nothing better than laughing, dogs and dancing.  If you visit our retail space in Hepburn Springs, it's super low key and fun.  Expect to walk though the doors and be greeted by the playlist of the day.  It could be Dolly Parton, 70's disco or 80's power ballads.  Whatever the feelz we play the perfect tunez.

Stop by, have a laugh, bring your pooch and feel free to bust out some dance moves yourself.  What happens in the Portal stays in the Portal. 😂

Above all, we hope you enjoy our curated selection of beautiful Clothing, Jewellery, Handbags, Accessories and Ceramics.  We only buy what we love, and we hope that translates into either your instore or online experience.

I've had the business for 15 years and honestly, I absolutely love what I do.  Every single day.  The wonderful people I get to meet and the incredible stories I get to hear. I am one lucky woman.

So, grab that wine, settle in at your keyboard and check out the website, or stop by in person and let us squeeze those cute cheeks of yours!

Love Connie, Yenni & Stevie 👯‍♀️🐶

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