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This is for the colour brave, the young at heart and for everyone inspired by colour wanting to make a bold statement.
Rollie has partnered up with amazing Adelaide based painter and maker, Tiff Manuell to create a dream collection.
Sleek and simple aesthetics of their super comfortable and ultra-light shoes transform Tiff’s beautiful hand painted brush strokes into footwear art.
This dreamy collab has three styles featuring Tiff’s iconic one of a kind prints and designs!! They've added the Rollie gold plated detailing giving it that extra touch.
It’s everything you’d expect and more, pushing all the boundaries to create something so magical.

All three styles are a limited edition run.

Mover Shaker Sidecut - This truly Tiff pattern will make you feel instantly happy and create an energy from your feet up!! With all the best combinations of summery colours packed into one gorgeous design that tells a little story about the good times and all the fun it conveys.

This one is definitely for happy feet!

Zanadu Sidecut - A little monochomatic number for the graphic girls, who love the bold but simple effect of black and white. It’s strong, it’s edgy and the reversable and removable pink metallic triangle kilt gives some extra fun options to make it more playful and truly Tiff!

Serenade Sidecut - A beautiful soft fluid pattern digs at the heartstrings of the girls who love a bit of romance and adore the prettiest of pastels mixed with a few moody shades to keep it interesting.

Bound to fill you with love!

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